Supported Browser Versions

Supported browsers for ThoughtRiver products.

It's possible for ThoughtRiver to work with some unsupported browsers. ThoughtRiver checks browsers for the presence of methods that are required for the product to work correctly. If these browser methods aren't detected, you receive an error message that the browser isn't supported.

ThoughtRiver supports most major browsers and devices. However, in order to ensure full functionality, below is a list of browsers that are fully supported.

Supported browser versions

  • Google Chrome (latest stable version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest stable version)
  • Firefox (latest stable version)
  • Safari on MacOS (latest stable version)

What is a stable version?

A stable release is an official release that has been tested as thoroughly as possible and is as reliable as possible. This is necessary to keep up with security, compatibility and functionality. 

A good resource for finding the lastest stable version is Wikipedia, that also lists version history.

What if my browser is not on the list?

If you are using a browser or browser version that is not listed, ThoughtRiver might work anyway but we cannot guarantee full functionality. Hence, if you are experiencing an issue, we recommend that you update to a supported browser version. 

Microsoft Word 2016 and some versions of 2019 use Internet Explorer 11 to display the ThoughtRiver application via the Word Add-In. It is possible that you may encounter performance issues as this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft.

For best performance and full feature support, we suggest you install Edge browser, use Office 365 or Word Online when using the ThoughtRiver Word Add-In.