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Marking contracts as 'template' to benefit from ThoughtRiver’s template familiarity intelligence

Getting full functionality from the Familiarity feature - Template Familiarity

Signing one contract in a Deal type will enable the Familiarity feature, but you will not see its full functionality. To enable the part of the feature that compares the contract against a 'template' or 'standard' document, you must set at least one template contract for the deal type. This will be a contract that you want your other contracts in negotiation to be compared to, and will enable the 'Standard' Familiarity level to display, 

To set a contract as a template, use the same context menu as for signing and unsigning a template. Select 'set as template'.

You can only set unsigned contracts as a template. 'Set as template' option will be greyed out if your contract has been signed. You can choose to unsign a contract and enable the 'Set as template' option.


Once a contract has been set as a template, the system will update within a minute to recognise the contract as a template. The new template will only be applied to contracts uploaded after the template has been set. It will not apply to historic contracts. 

TIP: To apply a newly set template to a historic contract, or to dis-apply it, reanalyze the historic contract.

For further information about signed contracts and Familiarity, see our articles on Signing Contracts for Familiarity and Enabling Familiarity.