Inserting External Comments as Comments in a Word Document

Use External Comments inserted in the contract to avoid redline battles

When ThoughtRiver generates an Issue from a Playbook, if the Playbook has been configured with External Comments, then the comments for the counterparty are populated in the External Comments field on the Issue.

As you're viewing the Issue Details screen in the ThoughtRiver Microsoft Word Add-In, you'll notice a button, Insert as Comment, is available under the field.

Insert all text in field as a Comment in Word

  1. Click Insert as Comment
  2. All text is added to the Word document as a comment

Insert only selected text in field as a Comment in Word 

  1. Select the text you want to add as a comment from the field
  2. Click Insert as Comment
  3. Selected text is added to the Word document as a comment

💡 Learn how to create a Counterparty Report from the Report tab to kick-off negotiations.

This functionality is only supported within the ThoughtRiver Microsoft Word Add-In. Some IT & Security departments restrict users from automatically accessing Microsoft Add-Ins. Please contact your IT department if you're unable to install our add-in from the Microsoft App Source store.

For further information on downloading the ThoughtRiver Microsoft Add-In, click here

Microsoft Word 2016 and some versions of 2019 use Internet Explorer 11 to display the ThoughtRiver application via the Word Add-In. It is possible that you may encounter performance issues as this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft.

For best performance and full feature support, we suggest you install Edge browser, use Office 365 or Word Online when using the ThoughtRiver Word Add-In.