Tracking Issues Across Versions

When you upload your first version of a contract as a new negotiation, ThoughtRiver's AI will produce an Issues List from the playbook configured in your selected deal type. This list of Issues serves as the foundation that you can use to build your contract's custom Issues List.

As you upload new versions of the contract that have passed between you, your colleagues, or the counterparty, ThoughtRiver will help you keep track of changes to your issues list by labeling Issues with 'New' or 'Updated'.

New Issues

There are a couple of scenarios where ThoughtRiver will label issues as new. 

New Issues that you have created

Issues that you create will show as  New  on every version uploaded. These are new Issues because the issues didn't appear in the previous version.

New Issues that ThoughtRiver has created

All Issues discovered by ThoughtRiver will be labeled as  New  from the second version of your contract onwards.

By design, ThoughtRiver created Issues will not be labeled as  New  on the first version of a contract in your negotiation.

Updated Issues

Issues created by ThoughtRiver will be labeled as  Updated  when a change to the contract in a new version impacts an Issue from a previous version.

An Issue that existed is no longer present

ThoughtRiver will mark the Issue as Closed and it will be labeled as  Updated  when an Issue created by ThoughtRiver is no longer found in the latest version. 

ThoughtRiver will always keep any changes you make even if something in the system has changed.