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Using the Familiarity bar

The Familiarity bar provides a quick way to assess the drafting in the contract, at a glance.

Displaying the Familiarity bar

You can choose to display the Familiarity bar at the top of the Summary panel,

or the Issues List.

If you select the Familiarity bar to display, you will automatically trigger the familiarity heatmap to display on the contract. You cannot see both the Risk and Familiarity heatmaps at the same time.

Familiarity levels will display on the issue cards regardless of whether you select to see familiarity in the Issues List.

Interacting with the bar

Each of the four colours represents a familiarity 'level'.  On hover, each colour will display a tooltip with an explanation, which will tell you 1) how many paragraphs in the contract have been assessed as being that level, and 2) Importantly, if the clause has been compared to clauses in other signed agreements in the deal type, the tooltip will also tell you how many signed agreements it has been compared to.



  • not all contracts will display all possible levels of Familiarity! 
  • where the minimum threshold of 1 signed contract has not been met to trigger the feature, the option for the Familiarity bar will be greyed out.

You can select sections of the Familiarity bar, one at a time, by clicking on a colour. To unselect, click again.

In Summary panel, clicking on the bar will activate the Familiarity notification banner, enabling you to navigate through all clauses with the selected level of Familiarity. This action will also cause all other Familiarity level colours to fade on the familiarity heatmap.

In Issues List, clicking on the bar will activate the filters for the issues. For example, if you click on the 'uncommon' section of the bar, the list will filter to show only issue cards which are displaying that Familiarity level.