Installing the Word Add-In for your Organization and Users

Enable your company to use ThoughtRiver in Word in accordance with your IT policy.

If your organization requires higher authorization to install Microsoft Add-Ins, your IT department can use one of the following Microsoft approved options. 

Install via Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Install via Sharepoint Catalog


Browsers used by Office Add-ins

Refer to Microsoft's documentation regarding which browsers are used by Office Add-ins for the different Office licenses.

Microsoft Word 2016 and some versions of 2019 use Internet Explorer 11 to display the ThoughtRiver application via the Word Add-In. It is possible that you may encounter performance issues as this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft.

We suggest you install Edge browser, use Office 365 or Word Online when using the ThoughtRiver Word Add-In.


Are you an individual wanting to learn how to install yourself? Refer to How do I download the Word Add-On?