Getting Started with Policies

Configure custom risk profiles tailored for your business

    Once you have reviewed ThoughtRiver’s out-of-the-box (OOTB) risk policy and amended this in line with your own playbook, you can configure your risk policy on the admin dashboard.  What this means is that you can add clause suggestions, advice notes, risks indicators as well as additional properties in order to tailor the risk policy to your requirements. 

    Log onto the ThoughtRiver web app and navigate to Settings ( the cog like icon on the top right hand side). Then click on Policies, where you will see a list of all your risk policies.  If you want to configure an OOTB policy, create a copy of this policy. Click on the dropdown menu under the policy you want to configure and create a duplicate of this policy by selecting ‘Copy Policy.’   


    It is important to create a duplicate of the policy to edit. Ensuring that the original remains unedited allows you to automatically receive updates that ThoughtRiver makes to OOTB policies. This will not be the case for edited policies.