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How is Lexible® trained?

Lexible legal AI is trained using private and public contracts

ThoughtRiver is a purpose-built solution to conduct checklist risk reviews of third-party, inbound contracts. The platform reads the contract and understands the points of meaning so you don’t have to. The power of this solution comes from our Lexible  artificial intelligence engine. 

Lexible is designed to ask the same human language questions of your contracts as your own lawyers would. We call it human language Q&A technology.

Rigorous curated  training for precision.

A major difference between ThoughtRiver and other technologies is our approach to precision training.

Lexible is a structured dictionary of legal questions, designed to answer anything from general to nuanced legal points with very accurate responses. Lexible is designed to distinguish between what your obligations, risks and rights are versus the counterparty’s.

From the very beginning, we’ve focused on a rigorous process of training to ensure consistency and quality of data used to train Lexible in a precise way. 

Federated learning or crowdsourced training doesn't work.

Crowdsourcing training doesn’t work because human lawyers disagree a surprising amount of time, even on fundamental concepts. This disagreement in training data is like providing a human with a blurry picture… sometimes you’ll figure out what’s in the picture and sometimes you won’t.

Continuous curation and training.

Like many things, you get out what you put in. So, to maintain the quality of our model, training is centrally curated and controlled.

Customers have access to thousands of pre-trained legal questions to get started. 

Training Document Sources

ThoughtRiver has been trained on a large combination of contracts mainly from UK, US, Asia.  This includes contracts from private and public repositories.