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Accessing a Contract Report

Accessing a Contract Report Online

Login to your company's ThoughtRiver account and follow these steps from the homepage:

1.    Navigate to the negotiation of interest

2.    Click the Report tab on the top bar

Accessing a Contract Report from the Word Add-In

Microsoft Word 2016 and some versions of 2019 use Internet Explorer 11 to display the ThoughtRiver application via the Word Add-In. It is possible that you may encounter performance issues as this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft.

For best performance and full feature support, we suggest you install Edge browser, use Office 365 or Word Online when using the ThoughtRiver Word Add-In.

Open the contract in Microsoft Word, launch the ThoughtRiver add-on and login. 

  1.   Go to the Menu
  2.   Click View Issues Report
  3.   You will be directed to the Report tab online for the relevant negotiation